Our Story

The whole idea behind ‘La Table du Pecheur’ restaurant concept is to offer our clients the chance to really enjoy eating their seafood meals.

Cooking and flavors and spices preparation for us is a form of art. We thrive to make you enjoy your meal in the same way that you would enjoy listening to your favorite music.

Every good chef knows the right cooking techniques, so if we stop here, then our meals would be similar to what’s offered at most other places.

What many people do not know, but would later recognize after having their first meal at ‘La Table du Pecheur’, is that it took ‘Nano’ my Mom and our Head Chef, many years of hard work in cooking and preparing her seafood meals specialties , until she came up with her unique and super delicious ‘Flavors Recipes’.

So when we combine ‘Professional Cooking Techniques’ with ‘Nano’s Delicious Flavors’ with your choice from our ‘House Spices’, we know for sure that you will enjoy your very unique meal.